A funeral home, funeral parlour or mortuary, is an establishment that offers funeral and burial services for the living and the dead. These services can consist of the provision of a funeral and final wake, and also a chapel for the funeral service. It is run either by a corporation or by one person, though it is not uncommon to find two or more funeral homes in a small community. Funeral homes provide housing, food, cemetery plots, etc for those who have passed away. Many times they are assisted by a minister, pastor or priest. Feel free to visit their website at Austin Funeral Home for more details.

There are several different aspects to a funeral home, and many factors come into play when choosing the right one. While there is much overlap in services that all funeral homes offer, some vary significantly. One of the most important factors is education and training. A certified funeral director will have at least a master’s degree in embalming and body integrity, although this varies from state to state. Most states require that funeral directors have at least a bachelor’s degree in medical courses, including embalming. While certification is not required, it is highly recommended, as it can make the task of the director much easier and more time-effective.

Other important factors to consider is the call center, or answering service, which often handles death notices, funeral memorials, final arrangements and bereavement letters. The calling hours for these departments vary greatly depending on what the funeral director is licensed to handle. They can usually be contacted either by telephone or email.