Home Health Care Service has expanded significantly over the last two decades. The population is aging; more people are living with HIV/AIDS or other chronic conditions or disabilities. As the Baby Boomers begin to age and the number of people with chronic diseases increases, the need for home health care services increases. Home Health Care Service involves the provision of personal health care services to the elderly – including home health care services, assisted living and home health aide services. Have a look at Dallas Home Health Care Service to get more info on this.

Personalized Support The provision of personalized support in home health care services includes, but is not limited to, intake of medications, assistance with meal preparation and hygiene, assistance with housekeeping and transportation if needed. Also included is the provision of companionship. Many elderly people live alone and find it difficult to leave their loved ones. The provision of companionship helps in providing emotional support to the elderly people.

Companion Care – A companion care service is a combination of professional nursing and personal care that may take place in the home, clinic or other such facility. It is generally provided to people who are confined to the bed or chair all day and need help with their everyday activities. It can also include assistance with grooming, shopping, medication reminders and light housework and errands. A good companion care service will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides personalized support to the elderly people.