There are many ways in which a person can lose their teeth, the most common being through biting their nails or grinding their teeth at work or playing sports. Whilst it is possible to get rid of these types of problems through home remedies they may not be as effective as visiting your dentist who will carry out any necessary surgery. Although this method is certainly more cost effective than visiting the dentist, you should still always seek medical advice on how best to deal with any condition and whether it is better to cure, prevent or delay the problem. The best advice when considering how to treat a problem is to speak with your dentist who will be able to advise you on the best solution to your particular situation.

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Strenuous exercise such as jogging can put strain on your teeth because you are running against your own body. If this happens regularly, you should consider whether it is worthwhile trying to quit because if it is becoming a problem it could be an indication of a more serious underlying issue. People who grind their teeth often tend to have dry mouth which causes teeth to become sensitive. In order to reduce this problem you should make sure you drink plenty of water which will help to rinse the mouth and prevent dry mouth from happening. This problem can also be solved by simply chewing sugarless gum as this will help to stop the process of grinding your teeth.

Strenuous exercises such as exercising your jaw muscles can also cause teeth grinding so if this is something that you are doing regularly and is causing you pain then you should consider changing the way you do it. Jaw exercises such as alternate clenching and relaxing of the various muscles in the jaw can help to relieve any tension caused which is another cause of teeth grinding. Your teeth should also feel clean and tidy after each meal so if you are guilty of causing plaque to build up between your teeth and gums, then you should ensure you brush your teeth and remove any plaque. By removing plaque you should also improve the health of your teeth by reducing the chances of them decaying. Regular visits to your dentist will ensure that you have clean teeth and a healthy smile.