You may think that buying a dental insurance plan is as easy as one, two, three, and you may be right there, provided you sink your fangs into the right plan. But, if you crash land on the wrong dental insurance plan, you’re in for a severe tongue-lashing. Here are some sparkling white, toothy questions you should ask your dental insurance agent before deciding on the perfect health insurance plan:Do you want to learn more? check it out

1. I am comfortable with a particular dentist. Is he networked in the dental insurance plan you are about to sell me?

2. Okay, I see that my favorite dentist is not networked into the dental insurance plan you are about to sell me. So, can I pay a little extra in order to keep visiting my favorite dentist and keep getting reimbursed by the dental insurance company for his bills?

3. Okay, well, I understand that I cannot see my favorite dentist. But I’m sure I won’t miss him so much. Can you now convince me that your new dental plan is networked with quality dentists located at a place convenient to me? (Skip this question if the answer to (2) above is in the affirmative)

4. I understand from various articles posted on the Internet that certain dental insurance companies allow only a cheaper form of treatment for certain dental conditions. Does your dental insurance plan have any restrictions on the methods of treatment my dentist should adopt, or can my dentist and I jointly decide on a method we feel is best, no matter how much it costs?

5. Has the dental insurance company been rated by an approved rating agency or financial institution? Does it have a track record of rejecting claims and/or being unfriendly with its customers? Can you give me couple of references to check?

6. Does the dental insurance plan cover at least two free cleanings in a year?

7. I hope small ticket items such as X-rays, fluoride treatments, etc. come free of charge? Anyway, tell me what are the free services covered by the plan.

8. Will my appointments be scheduled for specific time slots, or, certain days of the week? If so, then give me a plan that has no appointment restrictions. Also, specify the restrictive clauses in the plan you are about to sell me.

9. Can you sell me a family dental plan? I understand that joint/family dental plans are cheaper than individual dental insurance plans and I’m in the mood to save some money right now, while providing great dental coverage for my entire family.

10. My child’s teeth resemble Austin Powers’ pearly whites and I figure that he will need braces sometime in the future. Does your dental insurance plan cover orthodontic care? (Ask this question if you have decided to buy a family dental insurance plan and you have a child who needs orthodontic care).