A concrete patio is a vital element in today’s well-heeled backyards. From a simple slab of hardened rock and concrete topped with a layer of polyethylene plastic, patios have come a long way. Concrete Patio¬†offers excellent info on this. Concrete is by far the most popular concrete patio material in the nation. With various decorative finishes, concrete patios also attract homeowners who just want an open outdoor surface with limitless design potential. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to see why a concrete patio would be a great addition to any home.

A concrete patio doesn’t have to just be a blank canvas waiting for imagination; instead, homeowners can jazz up their patios by adding fire pits. Fire pits enhance a backyard’s ambiance and provide a convenient place for family and friends to gather around and share barbeque recipes. In addition to a fire pit, a well-designed backyard with a concrete patio will also contain benches and seating as well as plantings and other features that create a focal point for the yard. The addition of a fire pit, a few chairs and even a flowerpot will turn any boring outdoor space into a delightful place to spend time outdoors.

A concrete patio will usually require professional installation unless you are skilled in laying such structures. Since concrete is a heavy material, it is usually best to hire a contractor to install a concrete patio. The base of the structure can either be poured through the use of automated trowels or manually. If using the trowel method, professionals should always be employed to avoid accidents as the trowel may be too large for the width of the base and cause damage to the soil. Either method, however, requires that the concrete is thoroughly dried before planting grass or other vegetation.