As to why these dental emergencies happen, there are many variables. Some causes of dental emergencies include incidents such as bite mishaps such as eating dinner, grinding your teeth in your sleep, rotting teeth under a dental filling, or an accidental fracture to the bone of the jaw.

The area of the tooth where you have damaged is categorized by dental emergencies. There are many courses of action to take, depending on the region of your dental emergency.For more information, visit their website at Wollongong emergency dentist.

The first move is to try to locate the section of the tooth that you have damaged. Three sections make up the tooth; the pulp that is the core of the nerve, the dentin that is the middle part, and then the enamel that is the outer layer.

When a person chips their tooth, they most usually damage the enamel of the tooth. There is normally no discomfort encountered when this occurs. He can take x-rays when you see the dentist to make sure there is no further underlying harm to the tooth. In order to return to its usual appearance, the chipped tooth can either be smoothed out or coated with a composite material.

If the tooth in the pulp has cracked, it can be very painful because it will expose the nerve. There might even be any bleeding if the gum line is pulled away from the nerve. Keep rinsing your mouth with warm salt water before the bleeding stops if this happens to you. You will keep the tooth by keeping it in a tub of either your own saliva or some milk if you have lost the whole tooth. Try not to touch the tooth’s nerves so that they are not harmed. A root canal, crowns, or dental bridges are commonly included in the procedure. There may be some other appointments for follow up.

Often, it is possible to extract enough enamel from the tooth to get the dentin exposed. Usually this is not painful either, but the teeth can be highly cold-sensitive. It is recommended that you take an over the counter pain reliever and make an appointment with your dentist if your tooth starts troubling you. Most possibly, the dentist would create a crown or a cap for your tooth to avoid any further damage and give you a beautiful smile.

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