Lawyer has successfully represented thousands of people  who have been charged with Drug Crime Charges. Drug crimes are those involving the illegal possession, distribution or trafficking of a controlled substance. There is a fine line of difference between Criminal Drug Charges and Drug Treatment Charges. An experienced and aggressive drug crime lawyer can use the differences in the laws of both states to their advantage while seeking the most favorable outcome for their client. Visit us on Parsippany-Troy Hills Drug Crime Attorney.

A drug crime attorney may also use alternative forms of evidence to prove their client innocent. This includes testimonies from other relatives or friends who did not know about the defendant’s criminal activity. Alternatives such as breathalyzer tests or blood test results are the type of evidence that most prosecutors drop, but a criminal defense lawyer can make use of if they are charged with possession. During a free initial consultation, a defendant may be asked by their defense lawyer, “what is your biggest defense strategy.” Most attorneys agree that the successful conviction rate of one’s case is often dependent on the amount of time and money they have available to put together an effective defense strategy.

Drug crimes are punished as first degree felonies in the legal system of both states. The penalty for first degree felonies include; jail time, fines, rehabilitation programs, probation, and community service. For first-degree murder charges, the defendant must face the death penalty.