The WordPress app helps you to build a website or a forum. WordPress has developed itself as not only a forum for blogs, but also a mechanism for content management. Getting personalised websites has become quite simple and the amount of plugins and widgets accessible allows it possible to do almost everything on the website, from monitoring users and having successful SEO, to creating sitemaps and connecting to social networks. click reference
Then there is no reason to think about a host when a person starts a blog just for the purpose of blogging. However, it’s better to get the WordPress site hosted by a hosting provider because the author needs the blog to be a revenue source.
It is when finding a hosting provider where a great deal of consideration must be taken. You need to be sure that you get the benefit of your capital. So, before you settle about your hosting service provider, it is good for you to do a little testing.
Various packages are sold by internet companies, although there are those that have free WordPress hosting. In order to encourage you to experience the effectiveness of the services offered, the free service could be for a fixed period. When browsing for WordPress Hosting, this is what you should be looking at:
Tools: Does the provider of WordPress hosting services have the resources required to provide you with successful hosting? The basic specifications are PHP, MySQL and Apache mod rewrite modules, and their version depends on the version of WordPress you are downloading. For clean URLs called Permalinks, the Apache mod rewrite framework is used and this is optional. Can they have the bandwidth and side velocity optimization required?
Security: Does your host provide your data with security? Are you assigned your own disc space to block other servers from accessing your data and memory space? Is the set-up secure for you to store and process the data that you collect? Precautions are in order to secure the web from hackers.