Plastic surgery is a medical specialty involving the reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of your body. It can be broken down into two major areas: plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery can involve almost every part of your body whether your chest, face, tummy, legs, lips, or face. Cosmetic surgery usually only involves your facial features such as eyelids, nose, lips, chin, and cheek. Reconstructive surgery usually involves craniofacial surgery, limb surgery, hand surgery, lip surgery, and sometimes the treatment of burns and injuries. Visit us on Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery can sometimes be done without the aid of grafts. When you are having a breast augmentation or a reduction, you don’t need a graft because the implant is left in place from the beginning. If you are not happy with the results, you can have these procedures performed without a graft as well. Many plastic surgeons will not perform these procedures if the patient does not have enough fat in the underlying area to allow the implant to properly form. If you have enough fat in this area, you can have fat transfer procedures performed to add the fat graft.

Although many people think that plastic surgery can improve almost any aspect of their appearance, there are certain circumstances when this procedure should be avoided. If you have any form of significant skin cancer such as basal cell cancer or squamous cell cancer, you should get the proper diagnosis from a doctor before having plastic surgery to remove these cancerous cells. Also, if you smoke or have had a history of smoking, you should avoid getting a tummy tuck or a breast reduction unless your doctor recommends it. These procedures increase the chances of developing skin cancer in the future. You may also want to wait until you are no longer smoking to have a procedure done because smoking has an adverse effect on your health and can slow the healing process.