In archaeology, excavating is the physical recording, processing and exposing of prehistoric archaeological remains. An excavator is used to facilitate the excavation and record the archaeological remains that are found on the surface of the soil. An excavator is a large, heavy machine that has wheels and tracks and is powered by a diesel engine. Excavators travel over rough terrain making their way into the layers of earth that may have been impacted by previous human activity such as pottery or stone. These machines are often referred to as a trencher as they dig very slowly and steadily with little sign of movement until they hit the top of the hill or other marked area where they will be working from.If you’re looking for more tips, Austin excavating has it for you.

When an excavation takes place, it is important for all parties involved to work together in unison to protect the archaeological resources that are uncovered. From the archaeological team to the local landowners, everyone needs to work in close cooperation and harmony to protect the archaeological resources. During the actual excavating process, careful site planning is required, especially for large projects. Site preparation involves the removal of topsoil, leveling of the soil and the use of fill dirt. Excavating and Site Preparation are two key components of archaeological site management.

Excavating and site preparation do not just refer to the actual excavation and the digging of trenches but also includes the survey of the area and creation of an effective plan for the construction project. This survey will help to determine the boundaries of the proposed route of the roads, trenches and parking lots, the type of utilities to be installed and the best ways to dispose of unwanted waste from construction. It is important for the archaeological team to coordinate with all parties involved in the construction project to avoid conflict later on. This coordination will help to reduce conflicts, save time and money and allow better productivity and efficiency for the project.


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