Threading the brows is one of the most fun, affordable, and easy ways to remove excess hair. The majority of people believe it is done with a needle and thread, but the ancient threading art uses only the thread. Threading is usually used to remove hair from the brows, but this ingenious technique may be used to remove any hair. Threading facial hair and brows is becoming more common due to the precision of the procedure and its lower cost as compared to waxing. In all of India’s day spas and salons, this was the only way beauticians operated.You may want to check out eyebrows for more.Permanent Makeup/Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal Guidelines - Fresh Skin Canvas

The History of Eyebrow Threading

Threading the brows is an early form of epilation, or the removal of all hair from the follicle underneath the skin’s surface. Threading was considered a symbol of womanhood in ancient Persia. To this day, brow threading is the most used hair removal method in the Middle East and India.

What Exactly Is Threading?

One end of cotton sewing thread is knotted and the other end is cut to size. The formed loop can be small or big, depending on the threader’s comfort level. Each hand’s fingers, minus the index finger, are inserted into the loop. The loop is twisted into a bow tie shape multiple times. The twisted region of the thread in the middle is applied to the unwanted brow fur. As the threader’s fingers open and close, the twisted thread grips the hairs in a line in the opposite direction of hair development. Hairs are precisely shaped and removed by putting and pulling in a line opposite hair development. Threading the brows is easy since it removes entire rows of hair in a straight line at once. Threading the face is done in the same way.