A bond broker, bail bondsman or bond broker is any individual, corporation or agency who will act as a guarantee and collateral for the release of a defendant in a pending court. Bondsman usually acts as a third party between the plaintiff and the defendant. He expects payment by the defendant through monthly payments made to him on the amount of money that is released by the defendant. The bondsman usually charges a percentage of the bail amount and is paid by the defendant when he posts the bail. The bondsman earns from the amount of money released by the defendant through his commission.You can get additional information at Bondsman for bail in Danville.

The bondsman ensures that the defendant appears in court on the date scheduled. In case the defendant misses the court date the bail amount is forfeited and no payment can be recovered. The bondsman provides security against the defendant by guaranteeing to provide surety of the same amount of cash or securities, in case of not appearing in the case. In some states, the bondsman may be appointed to the defendant by the judge, by the jury or by the attorneys for the same cause or for a specified amount of money. These agents are allowed to collect the bail amount for the benefit of the defendant.

Generally, bondsmen play an important role in helping the defendants. But it has been seen that they often take advantage of the situation by keeping the court informed about the defendant’s failure to appear. They also make use of threatening the clerk of the court or other officials of the court of the defendant. These agents may force to produce the defendant before the court on the court scheduled date and demand for the full or partial amount of the bail. This may sometimes frustrate the defendant and the court may dismiss the case.