Many individuals are at a loss when choosing whether to be cremated or buried, and are not sure how to even start thinking about what to choose. They have no idea what being buried or cremated means much of the time. In the field of cremation, many are still uneducated and are unaware of the benefits of being cremated. A few prime examples of how cremation over burial is more favorable are below.
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1. Cheaper rates
Everyone is looking for a cheaper way out nowadays. Cremation is far less costly than a conventional funeral. Cremation has the benefit of not having to buy a spot in the cemetery, thereby removing a substantial expense.
2. Versatility
Another fantastic feature of cremation is that it is very versatile. Timing still seems, even in death, to be a concern with anything. In the middle of a really busy time, say a loved one passes away and the church or cemetery is not open for a funeral or burial, you can cremate anyone with cremation and have their ashes at a remembrance service, if you wished, weeks after their actual passing.
3. The Ground Saves
As populations rise, land becomes more and more scarce and therefore more and more costly. Land is precious everywhere. It takes up precious land space when someone is buried, but when others are incinerated, their ashes are more compact and take up less space. Some also want to spread their beloved cremains or keep them somewhere in their house in an ornate jar.
4. Friendly for the Setting
Cremation began as something of a taboo tradition in the United States, but European medical experts stated in 1869 that burial was unhygienic and proposed cremation as a feasible and healthier alternative for final disposal. Now that cremation has been accepted as a more environmentally-friendly final disposal process, America’s cremation rates have increased dramatically.
5. Simpler
Being cremated eliminates several issues raised by the method of burial. Questions like Where to bury yourself? What Graveyard? What kind of coffin? What kind of stone of the head? Cremation eliminates many of these complex forms of decisions. The technical details of cremation will be covered by most crematories, not having to concern you with these apparently insignificant yet challenging questions.