Having practised hair transplants extensively for over 24 years, I can honestly say that there are no better areas in medicine where one can get the highest quality services at the lowest cost. If you have already tried the various different methods available, you will know that it is not a case of recuperating and starting all over again. Nor is it a matter of treating a small area of baldness. Hair Transplant clinics, regardless of the area of the world in which they operate, if they provide the very best in service, safety, results and treatment, will always be my first choice. Feel free to visit their website at Gro UK – Manchester Clinic-Hair Loss Clinic for more details.

Of course there are some really good places where you might find a doctor with a reputation and who is known for his skill in hair transplants. These are the clinics run by doctors with names like Jockeys and Dronics. But there is nothing wrong with going to a place where you know you can speak freely to the staff without worrying about how your questions are answered or whether you will receive a personal visit from the doctor. Having practised hair transplants in various parts of the world for many years myself, I know exactly what it means to be ‘treated well’.

Top quality hair transplant clinics will invariably have an in-house technician or physician who is board certified by the American Hair Transplant Society. This person should be able to answer all of your questions without exception and will not try to steer you away from the doctor. In my experience, the older a patient is the less likely they are to be able to remember and understand their own medical history. By talking with both the doctor and the in-house technician in advance of going for the procedure, you will be better placed to understand the full implications and the likely course of treatment.