You may require a drug trafficking mitigation specialist to support you battle the charges if you’ve been charged with illegal distribution of a controlled substance. While not every criminal wishes to plead not guilty to their allegations, you are legally granted a reasonable hearing, determined by a jury of your peers, if you chose to follow this path. It is through this hearing where you are going to get the ability to protect yourself. It is up to the prosecutor, without a reasonable doubt, to assume the responsibility of arguing your guilt, so it does not imply you can sit back and rest, particularly though you are completely innocent. To support your argument, you should have a great solicitor operating overtime. Here are several techniques that he could use.Learn more by visiting The Law Offices of David C. Hardaway-Drug Crime Attorney

Suppressing Evidence

Filing a petition to dismiss proof is one of the safest chances to win at trial—and even avoid the lawsuit from even coming to trial in the first place. It is confirmation that their argument would continue to be proved by the state. It is a common technique, but it seldom succeeds. It can work in a major way when it does, however. Although the police and punishment may appear unjust, it is simply the procedure operating as it should. It can be tossed out if proof is obtained in a manner that is contradictory to the rules that we hold dear. Your counsel for drug crime protection should guarantee the fraudulent information gathered is not used in prosecution against you.

To invalidate a Warrant

When the authorities have a search warrant before the proof against you was collected, it will be impossible to contend against the processing of the evidence. That said that warrant and the circumstances around the dilemma will be looked at by a competent drug crime defence lawyer. If it is practicable to find the warrant void, all of the facts obtained at that stage must be tossed out. One of the reasons this can happen is that you can demonstrate that in the first instance, the police have no probable reason to stop you. If you can claim that the authorities used false evidence to procure the warrant, it can also be invalidated.


It won’t be enough merely to say that you didn’t realise narcotics were illegal to present a successful case at trial. But if you can show that you didn’t realise you were in control of the narcotics, you may have a way out of it a buddy stashed them in your car or something to that effect). This is a standard safety, but it is not usually reliable. However if the drug crime defence counsel would bring corroborating facts, that might persuade a jury.