I genuinely believed them. I was invited to seminars sponsored by the company and even invited to the sky booth of the company for the big game. Until the bubble of technology burst, everything went well, and with it, our close relationship. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to understand that it’s bad business to sue your customers, but the contrast between the Century City firm and this one is worth noting. Out of a client, one company has made a loyal friend, while the other one has made an enemy.Kindly visit Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer to find more information.

The point is that, whether it is how they manage their receivables or which new practise group they choose to open, how a company does business says something important about the company in relation to its customers. Companies consider internal business decisions to be completely internal, separate and distinct from the external side that the public sees in most instances. Companies do not understand that what a business is can often be measured by the choices it makes, and they often make choices, even in indirect ways, regardless of the impact they might have on customers. Companies need to consider the ways in which their decisions can change the nature of the contact between them and their clients. Law firms make important business decisions every day, and they rarely consider the impact on those who are doing business with the company.

They are often handed over to the department of public relations to clean up when problems surface. Consider that almost everything that a company does or communicates influences the clients’ experience of the company. The components of a business with which clients deal directly are part of the company’s contact zone. Everything that a business does is, in some way, an expression of the company’s principles or lack of values. The level of commitment or lack of engagement of the company is revealed by every act or omission.

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