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Since some of the strings do not automatically grow back every time you pluck them, pay attention: do not decrease the width, but pluck the strings that have grown beyond the contour. Comb them in the rising direction if your eyebrows are thick, and you will note exactly the strings that need to be cut. With a firm single step, catch the string close to its root and pluck it. If your skin is dry, prior to plucking, massage it with a moisturising cream. It is also safer to pluck the eyebrows in the evening, after bathing and after skin washing, to reduce the chance of inflammation or redness, since the pores are free, and the plucking of the eyebrows would be less painful. You can apply cooled boiled chamomile teabags to the freshly plucked eyebrows for additional treatment.

Castor-oil promotes development and contributes to the regeneration of the eyebrows and provides them with extra shine. You can use an old mascara brush after, of course, disinfecting it. When you cleanse your face, never forget about your eyebrows, particularly if you use them for colouring or makeup.

You don’t need to point out the eyebrows for the day’s makeup. By using a clear gel, you can comb them with a small brush and form them. You may pick a pencil or mascara with a shade that suits the eyebrows and apply it from the inside out, over the hair strings, without crossing the contour, if you do want to choose an intricate makeup. Before going to bed, do not forget to remove it.

The Age with Thin Eyebrows. Depending on your face contour, select the shape of your eyebrows but retain a medium width.

Your hair colour and the colour of your eyebrows have to be in complete harmony. You will have to change the colour of your eyebrows when dyeing your hair, but be careful.

The tweezers must have thin edges, well done, to catch the strings well. Always note to disinfect your eyebrows before and after plucking them.