Ask your prospective consultant why they have taken their additional courses and how this relates to your personal situation. If an advisor has taken a course that also deals with seniors with a financial focus, you should ask why they have taken this course. What were the benefits they achieved? Taking a number of courses and getting several new designations is fairly simple. But when you ask the consultant why they have taken a certain course and how they perceive that it will add to the services offered to their customers, it is really interesting.Learn more by visiting Financial Advisor Glasgow

Are you going to meet with the financial consultant or their assistant at future meetings? Whether or not you want to meet with someone other than your financial advisor is your personal preference. But, if you want that personal attention and expertise, and you only want to work with one person, then it’s nice to know who that person is going to be, both today and in the future. Are the financial needs of many of their clients similar to yours? What can they show you that a specialisation in your field indicates and that in your situation they have other customers? Has the advisor created any marketing pieces that are customer friendly for those customers in your situation, above and beyond what other customers offer? Do they understand your situation really well? It should be easy to determine whether you are an ideal customer for the services they provide once you have explained your personal needs and the type of customer you are. Knowing how many customers your prospective consultant works with is important. Are you one of 100 or one of 1000 customers? Are you in the top 15 percent or the bottom 15 percent of their customers, based on your assets? These are important things that should be known. Ask if you are one of their top customers or one of their lowest customers, if you are going to receive more or less attention?