Care must be taken in spring to make sure that the opening steps of the pool aren’t harmed as it is brought up to temperature for the first time of the year to make it ready for swimming use. Visit us on Monthly Pool Cleaning.┬áThere needs to be equal amounts of water and vacuuming of the pool should be done first. In case there are still contaminants in the water, the shock unit should be turned on first and the feeder removed. The pool water level should be brought to the point that the skimmers are sitting above it. After this, the filter should be thoroughly washed and the skimmer reservoir should be refilled. In the event of any snow, the equipment is all prepared to be used, and it should be covered in a sturdy, appropriate pool cover You can readily understand why maintaining a pool-related facility is a difficult when you know what you now know about the process. All that you have to do is understand the principles of chemistry and you’ll soon enough be fine; but maintaining the pool is so much work that you will need help from someone else, regardless of what type of chemical you use, will make it a nightmare. The convenience of a pool service is its only downside, and rather than attempting to take care of it yourself, you might consider outsourcing your tasks to a service provider this summer. Without a proper filtration, the main pool will become dangerously dry. When the filter gets ignored, contaminants such as leaf and scum will be able to accumulate in the pool and leave a dark and greenish scum will be expected. It is important to know how big and what sort of filter to use to ensure various levels of filter maintenance requirements. Every time you use your pressure filter, check it to see if it is still working and maintain it carefully. When the pressure is ten percent higher than the previous, the previous washing, it is essential to backwash or clean at a higher pressure.