From mining and wet-processing operations, highly processed, non-toxic grenets are collected. Spiral classifiers are used in a wet concentrator to isolate abrasive grenets from lighter trash minerals and shell sands. The grenet is passed through a vacuum philtre belt with multiple stages of final washing with freshwater for internationally approved very low chloride levels.Abrasive Supplier offers excellent info on this.

The residual sands are transported back to the mined paddies and reshaped for rehabilitation with original top soil. The consistency of the semi-refined garnet concentrate is tested from the sample in the laboratory and then processed dry. Final impurities are removed using natural gas fired rotary dryers with rare earth magnetic separators. Non-magnetic minerals spin off in the outer cut

There are several different types of abrasive materials, all of which come in various grades and have different uses. The ones you choose will rely on the quality, the shape and size of the workpiece you are working on, it will also depend heavily on the finish you are trying to achieve.

The numerous shapes they come in will be another determining factor for Abrasive materials, some can cause you problems accessing certain parts of your workpiece so that it is important to select the right one.