They will work with you in order to let you know what needs to be replaced and what can be saved. Regular products for cleaning will not smell the smoke or correctly clean the contents. The restoration company has the correct equipment and products to ensure that your belongings will be properly cleaned. They have a machine called ozone that takes away the smell of soot by purifying the air. They are specific chemicals that are safe and produced for cleaning purposes in products such as televisions and computers. There is a possibility that mould will form in the event of water damage to your home. For the cleaning of painted and hard surfaces, the restoration business can use mould.
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Fabric materials with mould and drywall will have to be replaced in general. Make sure that you follow up with the restoration company to see the progress throughout the entire restoration process of the home. Experiencing a house fire or damage from a flood or from another kind of water break can be a really traumatic experience. In the event that this happens to you, one of the very first phone calls to a fire and water damage restoration company should be made. You will want to have a professional company by your side during a harrowing period such as this. Why is it a good idea to provide a call to these companies? A water damage restoration company will help with instructions on how to restore the damage done by a fire or water in conjunction with a fire restoration company. Restoration companies will help you determine not only the damage caused to your belongings, but also to large items such as furniture, electronics, carpets, floors, walls and ceilings. You may have to contact two separate companies when you have damage from both fire and water, but you may discover that there are companies that do both.