It becomes very difficult to reverse the changes in your skin as the years roll in. If you have done nothing to take care of your skin, even the changes that are not noticed once will become more visible and impossible to get rid of. Visit us on West Dermatology Moats Skin Specialists. Beginning with a fresh and immaculate face is the best you can do to maintain your glow. Even going under your knife is not going to give you the looks that you once enjoyed. Because you cannot stop the ticking of the clock, starting a healthy skin regimen on your own is the only alternative you have. Seek the advice of a skin specialist in order to set the ball rolling. Let your skin type be analysed by a dermatologist and recommend the most effective medication and facial products for you to use. Keep in mind that the skin is a very delicate organ and you need to treat it with the greatest possible caution. That requires you to look at the products that you buy. It can be very damaging to cheap brands. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are the three fundamental steps in skin care. Makeup helps to conceal minor defects and imperfections in the skin. One thing you need to avoid is that when you go to bed, you have things sticking to your face. Wash your face to the right PH balance with soap. Open up the pores with the perfect toner after that. This helps to prepare for the absorption of your skin. Finally, smear the cream or moisturiser slightly on your skin. Brands are actually available that are specifically intended for the eye area. Get hold of one because in areas around the eye, they have proved to be really effective in dealing with problems. You will find moisturisers out there that are meant to be used during the day and those that are meant to be used at night.