Are you a patient who thinks medical marijuana will cure you? Continuously research is done to substantiate positive marijuana benefits. For a person with a chronic or debilitating disease living in a state where medical marijuana is legal, he or she may legally use the drug under certain conditions. And how do you use this drug without it being illegal? The measures to obtain a Sacramento medical marijuana card are as follows. Visit doctor.

The first thing to do is know if you’re eligible or not. This is accomplished by consulting a doctor or any physician as long as they are qualified to prescribe the use of marijuana for their condition, such as a homeopath or osteopath. Approved conditions include: • HIV / AIDS • Anorexia• Arthritis• Cachexia or general weakness• Cancers • Chronic pain • Glaucoma• Migraine• Recurring muscle spasms as seen in multiple sclerosis • Severe recurrent nausea • Many chronic and disabling conditions.

It should be remembered that physicians take careful discretion in offering a recommendation. Consequently, not all consultations result in a recommendation. California provides a full list of doctors eligible to offer these referrals. They may be accessed through the NORML website of the department.

You must be of legal age (18 years and older) and of sound mental health. To support your claim, you need to prove your residency in the state by offering registration, identification cards and other documents.

Once you have the required documents, you can now apply for the MMP registration card. A patient with a licensed Sacramento medical marijuana card will strictly abide by state laws.