If you’re searching for medical marijuana, California has the most dispensaries in the entire country. Estimates put the figure at 2,500, but that number could be lower now that cities such as Los Angeles are enforcing moratoriums and temporary closures. Owing to their rapid growth, the city council is debating restricting the number of medical dispensaries to a very limited number. Observers remember that at one time, Los Angeles had almost 1,000 dispensaries that served people suffering from various diseases and chronic pain, The Top 5 Medical Marijuana Doctors In Missouri | Home Mum.

So, if you are a California resident in desperate need of medical marijuana, the state gives you a few weeks of reprieve before instituting any closures. Following that, they will begin restricting the amount of marijuana dispensaries in order to avoid the alleged rise in violence targeting these establishments. Among the claims and explanations for the impending closing of hundreds of dispensaries were that they broke the laws when it came to setting up shop near colleges, universities, churches, and other family-oriented locations. The current limit is 1,000 feet away from such locations.

Critics argue that limiting these dispensaries had to happen sooner or later because they were wreaking havoc on the neighbourhoods that housed them. You can only imagine marijuana shops that look like fast food restaurants serving marijuana cookies and brownies to people who have children at home. The implications are frightening, and the state of California accepted this as a valid excuse for shop closures and restrictions. However, the decision on which ones should close has enraged some shop owners. Currently, the council intended to use a lottery system to avoid the appearance of favouritism. However, law-abiding shop owners who believe the system is unjust are fighting back.