Water damage restoration companies will often take on your mold problems because it is usually not something that the average person can understand or even notice. There are many ways for water to get into a building and start to cause damage, like heavy rains from a nearby road, leaking pipes, a faulty sewage treatment plant, or a leaking roof. In many cases the mold growth itself is not what is damaging the building, but what is growing within it. This mold can often times be black or green, and can cause health problems for anyone that breathes in it. patch.com offers excellent info on this. The mold itself will only be noticeable when there is water involved in the restoration process, and is often times found within small crevices of drywall or behind sheetrock in the walls.

When you call a water restoration company, they will first try to find out if it is mold and if so what type it is. Once they have determined this, they will then decide what the best method of removal will be for the property. Sometimes hiring a mitigation service is a better option because many water restoration companies will remove mold all on their own anyway, but when you hire a mitigation service, they will clean the area first and make sure there are no other hidden mold problems. They may also suggest a few ways of mold removal that you might not have thought of on your own.

It is important to realize that if there is any water restoration company attempting to remove mold, they are probably going to use chemicals that will likely be harmful to you, your family, and your pets. Hiring a water restoration company instead means that they will use natural products that are safe for you to breathe in, as well as safe for your family to eat. Mold mitigation is one way that these companies go about cleaning the areas where the water has fallen onto the property. Another reason these companies will use mitigation is because they can clean the area before the water has a chance to dry and start to dry in other areas. By using a little bit of prevention and a cleanup process before the mold begins, it makes it more likely to be removed without causing any harm to you and your family.