Going green and farming was almost synonymous for centuries. It has only been in recent years when the farming industry has it become ruled by large corporations that green left the farm. Have a look at Springfield farm equipment.

In America it was with the green backs that purchases were made. It was the little green sprouts that grew and became the source for more green backs. Even the fertilizer for centuries was green. All the waste from the farm animals was spread on the fields and then plowed under to rejuvenate the soil and make it green.

The boundaries of the small farm were surrounded with trees and bushes to not only be used as a windbreaker but to help keep the insect population at bay. The horse drawn plows were a green source of farm equipment.

At present day the large farm is no longer green except in terms of payment. With chemical fertilizers and pesticides in large use. The run off is damaging the water supply and animal population; the green has left the farm.

There is hope for the future. A company from America is producing a locomotive engine powered by ethanol. They have plans to use this same technology and apply it to farm equipment. With this in the future some day soon there will be an abundance of green used farm equipment.

Until then hand tools and the horse drawn plow are available just not practical for those large industrial farms that today produce most of the food the worlds population.

You will save money by buying used equipment and quite often it operates more efficiently also.