Waxing is another popular hair styling option at many salons. Society Salon offers excellent info on this. Waxing is a hot new trend, but it can be painful for the hair if done incorrectly, so be sure to find a salon that makes waxing comfortable and safe. Waxing can be performed by professional hair stylists or at home by purchasing waxing kits from many waxing specialists. Waxing kits contain waxing strips, applicators, blades, and other waxing supplies to create a beautiful, smooth finish that lasts longer.

Another popular method of hair removal is hair cutting. Most people simply want to trim excess hair from particular areas, but wearers of hair cutters enjoy the experience of getting a permanent hair cut that they can wear everyday. Professional hair cutters can provide a very precise and beautiful cut throughout the entire head. Hair cutters can also provide multiple cuts to different areas of the head to accomplish a unisex hair style. Clipping hair is an alternative to waxing or hair cutting, and most hair stylists have the necessary equipment to provide a nice trim every few weeks.

Highlights styling is becoming very popular among black women, giving them the opportunity to add instant beauty with hair extensions. Highlights hair extensions are like real hair, adding hair volume and texture while adding natural-looking bounce to the hair. Highlights hair extensions can be colored, curled, straight, wavy, silky, or natural-looking; many hair stylists at hair salons offer a range of hair extensions in these versatile styles. Highlights hair services can be provided by a hair stylist or by a hair salon technician.