Some professional bed bug exterminator use dogs for detection. These specially trained dogs are known 97% effective in finding and searching for bed bug infestations in mattresses. Bed exterminators also employ other double Cupped monitors, that are installed at the bed frame to trap the bugs once they have squeezed through the sagging mattress casters.You may want to check out Tampa bed bug exterminator for more.

Professional exterminators might opt to spray pesticides in the mattress, furniture, carpet, sheets and walls. These pesticides are often odorless and tasteless. Bed bugs that are killed by spraying pesticides have a very short lifespan. Pesticides can be effective but it is recommended that only the most reputable pest control companies practice this method, as these pesticides are hazardous and can cause harm to the environment as well as animals.

Professional exterminators also do “boiling water” treatments for beds and mattresses. This treatment involves spraying the entire room with boiling water. The room is then vacuumed and dried. Professional exterminators might also consider using heat to exterminate the bugs as well as chemicals to dry the room and vacuum. However, this treatment is very expensive and it is not practical for every household. bed bug exterminator | professional exterminators | infestation | inspection | exterminator | pesticides} After carrying out all the inspection procedures mentioned above, a professional exterminator will then conduct a soil and moisture testing inspection. During this inspection, they will apply either pesticides or insecticides. Pesticides are usually chosen based on their sensitivity to chemicals and their rate of effective application. Insecticides are applied according to the size of the insects’ affected areas and their mode of action. When using insecticides, you should keep in mind that the best results are achieved when used together with other methods such as inspection and vacuuming.

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