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This might not be the ideal time to go to a furniture shop, contrary to what you might expect. Only let me clarify.

There’s a common misconception that buying things offline is always better than online. I’m sure you’ve heard as many of those explanations as I have. It’s best to reconsider this idea when it comes to furniture, though and here’s why.

You remove a lot of distractions when you shop furniture online. Sellers of furniture, you know, make money when they deal you something. Understandably, in order to put food on their table, the happiness takes a back seat. They’re poor people, I’m not saying; they’re just trying to make a living like you and me. But they don’t have to deal with a piece of furniture that they end up hating because they were told they would love it by an aggressive salesperson.

Why furniture salespeople don’t want you to buy furniture online is also understandable. The life we’re talking about is theirs.

Then there is the underlying presence, as opposed to when you buy furniture online, while you are shopping in a furniture store. Even if the salespeople don’t openly give you a tour of the new and greatest items available in the world of furniture, you still know they’re there—waiting. This alone can distract you from making the best choice possible.

Compare this with what happens when you order online furniture. You’ve got a cup of coffee or tea, and you can spend some time browsing, maybe even with your mom. You will be able to contemplate and explore what furnishings you want and need in this way. No rush, no pressure.

Plus, when you buy furniture online, you’ve got everything in writing. Delivery options, warranty, and even pictures of your furniture are right there for you to print and compare when your furniture actually arrives. You don’t have to take the word of the salesperson that this is the correct piece you ordered.