Tips for returning to driving vary from person to person after a serious car accident, but some guidelines are generally recognised as fairly universal. First of all, it’s about getting over the fact that you were hurt. No one likes to think about this, but the fact is that if the accident hadn’t happened, you would have been in a coma, and the damage might have been much less serious. You will be able to concentrate on what you need to do to get your car running at least relatively normally again if you can concentrate on getting better, although this will almost definitely take some support.
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If you suffer any sort of physical handicap after an accident, seeking treatment is necessary. It will also make a big difference in the next few days to have someone to bring you home and get you into a wheelchair or bed. When your car crashes, there’s no telling, and even though you never have an accident, a sudden breakdown will leave you trapped where you are. It is very important to have someone to pick you up and take you home if it is at all necessary, and it is something that should certainly be checked beforehand.

Don’t forget, either, to take your drugs. Although it may not sound like anything, it is important to keep all of your prescription medications updated if you suffer from a serious accident that leaves you unable to drive. Getting your prescriptions ready to go would make it much easier for someone else to take you home if you do need to, even if you can drive yourself to work or get food dropped off. You don’t want to risk driving to the hospital or the morgue, which is why it’s so important to take your medicine as soon as possible.