How to Get a Tattoo for the Scalp

If you suffer from hair loss, it is possible that you will try to conceal it every day. To prevent individuals from seeing what is really happening on top of your head, you can use hats, hoodies and other such head-gear. These are not long-term solutions to the problem, however. Your head is already hairless, but sooner or later, everyone around you figures out that you’re going to be bald.I strongly suggest you to visit Scalp Micropigmentation Training to learn more about this.

This is where the tattoo treatment for the scalp comes in. The method makes it look like you’ve just shaved or given a buzz-cut to your head. As it looks tidy and stylish, the overall effect is convincing, particularly when complemented with a brief stubble!

How’s that done?

Getting a scalp tattoo requires dots on your scalp that resemble hair follicles to give the appearance of having hair follicles. There will be a number of different needle angles, colour of ink, thickness of needle and depths of penetration, which can be used to get a scalp tattoo in a single session, so that it appears as natural as possible.

Is it like having a tattoo, then?

Exactly not. Much heavier gauge needles are needed for conventional tattoos and the ink is injected much deeper into the skin. The ink used in scalp tattoos is also very different from those used in conventional tattoos, as over time they do not fade to blue. It is specially designed for the ink and equipment used for this process, and not just a variation of conventional tattoo equipment.

Is this personalized?

Yes, that’s it! There is a unique hair texture, hair color and hairline for every person. In order for the procedure to appear realistic, the hair patterns that are similar to the original hair style must be followed carefully. Even the hair follicles’ path of development gives it a jagged appearance, which should be repeated when having a tattoo of the scalp.