All should have access to good dental care and it can be hard to get it sometimes. To help your family have safe teeth, an office that specializes in family dentistry will help everyone in your home get the requisite check-ups twice a year. As well as having both general dentists and specialists in the same house, there are several services that a dentist can perform.Kindly visit Sacramento Family & Implant Dentistry to find more information.

One of the services you can get is cosmetics. This requires bleaching to make your teeth whiter, where you can have procedures performed. With a take home package, you may opt to get it done in the office or at home. Both porcelain crowns, fillings that are the same color as your teeth, and veneers may also be included.

A restorative service is another service the family dentistry office should perform. When a patient has to have teeth removed or fillings placed in because of cavities, the most common form of restoration is. It also requires crowns and bridges to repair teeth that have been lost for whatever reason because of missing teeth, implants, and both complete and partial dentures.

Preventive treatment, which requires getting your teeth extracted at least once a year, is a third type of service that a family dentist may perform. Usually, dentists recommend getting this done every 6 months or as the insurance requires. It also contains sealants to help protect the permanent teeth, fitting sports and night guards for both mouth guards to help prevent the teeth from grinding when you sleep.

Many family dentist offices will also house orthodontists who, with the use of braces and retainers, help straighten teeth. They may also suggest that individuals have teeth extracted in the expectation that they can straighten the teeth on their own so that braces are not required.

Various forms of x-rays are other services that can be performed by the family dentistry office so that doctors can keep track of how teeth grow and change in the mouth as you develop and age. In order to ensure that things look right and there are no missing teeth, they can also do physical tests to physically ensure that there are no physical signs of oral cancer. These appointments will also include reviewing your periodontal charts and ensuring that oral hygiene is properly taught to you.