When the leaves begin to change their colours for the first time, it is a good time to plan your property for the coming season – in other words, its time for fall clean up. Just a few measures will shield your house from the bitter cold of winter with regard to your kitchen. Not only are cracks and holes on the outside unsightly, but they can allow heat to escape, and losing heat means a higher heating bill in the cold of winter. Check all window and door frames to prevent this from happening – walk around the perimeter of your house. Hose bibs, dryer vents, cold air returns and air conditioning outlets are also tested around. Wherever possible, add caulking and weather stripping.
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Another location where heat will escape is the roof of your house. Moisture or frost can get into your ceilings if roof shingles are loose or damaged. Hot air will escape during the winter season, which suggests a higher heating bill. Also, a harsh winter season will only cause further deterioration if weakened shingles are left unattended. To stop this, some roofing cement may be purchased to patch loose shingles and prevent further erosion. Test the chimneys to ensure that they are correctly sealed to the roof so that no draughts reach the building. Check for holes around the flash if you have a fireplace and patch it to prevent problems. In preparation for the colder weather, this might also be a good time to clean up chimneys. There are specialists who specialise in roofing and chimney maintenance because you can not perform these forms of repairs yourself. These experts will ensure that everything is sealed and fully working.

Another field that needs a yearly clean-out is filthy gutters. Clogged gutters can cause many problems, including flooded basements, foundation damage and landscaping. You need to remove all debris at least once a year to avoid this from occurring, so that water can drain freely. You can self-clean the gutters or have a gutter business come out and do the job for you. To prevent debris from building up in the future, it is also a good idea to have gutter guards built.

To maintain healthy grass growth and healthy perennials, yard clean-up in the fall is important. One more time, cut and rake your lawn and then add fertiliser once the grass has finished growing. Not only can the application of a fertiliser rich in nitrogen improve the root system of the lawn, but it will also fight against weeds as the grass begins to grow in the spring. Take back the hedges and cut down the bigger trees. This will suggest fewer leaves to rake up and a reduced risk of damage to property during stormy weather should lose branches.