Tailgating flagpoles are an excellent way to proudly stake your claim and display your true colours at your next tailgating party, camping trip, family reunion, picnic, or store promotion. Flag Poles for sale in Albany offers excellent info on this. Tailgating flagpoles are available in lightweight aluminium or flexible fibreglass. They are usually telescoping in order to facilitate setup and trunk storage. Avoid any telescoping flagpole with parts that do not lock into place; this way, the pole will not collapse when the wind picks up (or the party gets rowdy!)

The tallest tailgating poles stand about twenty feet tall and can hold flags up to three feet tall by five feet long.

Tailgating flagpole mounts are classified into two types: trailer hitch mounts and wheel stands.

Trailer hitch mounts attach to your vehicle’s hitch, whether it’s a car, RV, or truck. Simply slide the mount onto the hitch and secure it with the included screw. If the flagpole is sectional, insert the bottom section into the mount’s hole before assembling the rest of the pole. Taller poles can necessitate the assembly of the pole first.

Since they are so simple to erect, wheel stands are by far the most common form of tailgating flagpole mount. They have a steel foot that can be anchored underneath one of your tyres: simply pull up and park over the foot. Place the flag in the mount. With the included screw, secure it in place.