Yet he had no physical boundaries in his view. Change your mind today, push yourself, refuse to fail, and see just what physical milestones you can achieve.What are you told by people that you can’t do? How are you responding? No Limits Fitness¬†offers excellent info on this. Do you react like LOST’s John Locke and say, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” Your mental attitude and health can help restrict what you put on the list of things you can’t do.

John Locke’s inspiration for LOST

When we first started watching LOST, I recall. My son watched it and said there was a character that reminded him of me on the show. I had to work it out and he wouldn’t say who it was. It didn’t take me long to find out that it had been John Locke. I share many of his idiosyncrasies, including his conviction that what we can do should not be limited by others.

Part of what attracted me to the character of John was his determination and attitude.

What Keeps You

Too often the list of things we can’t do or prefer not to do) continues to expand as we get older. But do we need to be restricted, really? Personally, I agree that these restrictions derive from either mental or physical limitations. Most of the time we put some limitations there. We may be our own worst enemies, as they say.

So take into account what it is that is holding you back.

Those are headaches for me. I have been dealing with what I consider a mild case of headaches with migraine. Over the years, I have spoken to medical doctors and chiropractors. I had times without any, as well as weeks when they simply weren’t going to go away. The pain will keep me from doing anything; it’s not fun.