The washing of power removes urban pollutants. Downtown buildings, near chemical plants or beside busy freeways can get extra dirty just from the pollution of car exhaust. In order to safely and effectively remove contaminant residue from buildings, an experienced professional power washing consultant can recommend just the right mix of chemical solutions.
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Clean up more than the building itself. Why take the time to clean the building without the concrete driveways or adjoining parking lots being cleaned as well? If you are looking for the full makeover of “curb appeal” remember to clean these areas as well. Note: Concrete cleaning requires different chemicals than it does for buildings. Do not make the mistake of only cleaning the oil spots on the concrete, because you suddenly have the reverse problem – the concrete driveway is grey with pollutants and has clean spots. Property maintenance should be done by professionals Experienced professionals in power washing understand what the first time it takes to get the job done right. Property executives who believe that by “doing it themselves” they can save money are in for a rude awakening. For the particular job, there is a great investment in equipment, training and knowing the right chemical mixture. Professional power washing companies have invested in equipment for industrial strength, have training in environmentally safe chemical mixtures that will clean buildings but not destroy the neighbouring landscape. When you are ready to get your property cleaned, start an online search, call peer property owners and start asking questions. Shop around for the best value. Do not expect a precise quote to be received over the phone. In order to give a free estimate, honest, reputable companies will recommend meeting with you. The best value may not be the lowest bid because, above all, you want to hire someone who knows what they do and provides good service. The best way to go for large parking decks, parking lots, and other commercial needs is to hire a commercial power washing company to do a job for you