Like a new program, nothing helps create clientele and profit margins for a fitness professional. But if the program is not successful or only applies to a small number of individuals, it will only be profitable for a short period or you will have difficulty attracting individuals to complete the program.You can get additional information at West Melbourne personal trainer.

Fitness boot camps are fantastic fitness programs in that both cater to a wide audience and are incredibly effective. There are community programs focused on the kind of exercises used in boot camps in the military. If a boot camp is not offered by your fitness company, you miss out on some serious dollars because they are really lucrative.

Fitness boot camps are still very common, although they’ve been around for a while, because they work-at least when they’re done correctly-and because of the social aspect involved. They cater to a wide variety of individuals because just about everyone can do the workouts and they don’t have the women-only aerobics stigma or the men-only weight lifting stigma.

Fiscally speaking, it is a no-brainer to add a boot camp to the curriculum offerings. Boot camps are a virtual money mill, compared with aerobics, weight lifting, spinning, treadmills and in-home exercise. They are more profitable, draw greater numbers of individuals and can have almost no overhead costs.

First, boot camps are an excellent use of resources, since a trainer generally treats large numbers of individuals at once. From 20 to more than 50 individuals, class sizes can number anywhere. You can afford to charge less per user due to the group situation, which opens the service to a much wider group of people. For each session, if you were to charge $10 per person and had an average class size of 20 students, it would add up to $200 for a one-hour session. For a one-on-one training session, it is impossible to charge so much!

Second, you don’t need a studio or building, since boot camp programs can be held in parks, school gymnasiums, parking lots, parking garages, or any place you can accommodate your class. It is possible to arrange traditional boot camp locations for little or no cash, so the overhead is considerably less than for any other program. Of course, introducing a boot camp is a very productive use of studio time if you already have a studio or facility.

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