Geek shirts are a common item of clothing. Did you know that there are many different types of geek shirts? Let’s take a closer look at these.

Shirts with video game designs

This category, I believe, is self-explanatory. Gaming clothing is inspired by video games, and can feature a scene from the game or the game logo. A designer may also create their own version of the game, resulting in a truly unique design. Retro video game tees and funny video game tees are two subcategories of video game shirts.Find additional information at Coding t shirts.

Shirts for Science and Math

Science theories and math calculations are incorporated into the designs of these tees. I understand that this may seem strange, but designers have produced designs based on these ideas, and they can be very appealing.

Shirts with a Science Fiction theme

My favourite types of science fiction clothing are tees. These are focused on television, including movies, comic books, and cartoons. Novels are a form of fiction. These are possibly the most well-known and famous geek tees. The most well-known would be the Star Wars T-shirts.

Anime Shirts are available in a variety of styles and colours.

These tees are inspired by Japanese anime, which is a spin-off from Manga comics. The designs on these shirts are usually stylized. The Death Note shirts have been some of my favourites.

Shirts with images from comic books

Tees of your favourite comic book characters on them. These types of shirts appeal to me because there is an endless supply of characters to choose from, offering designers a lot of options to make some awesome shirts. The Marvel and DC heroes and villains are characters that everyone is familiar with.

Web 2.0 tees

You’ve probably seen these tees, which were inspired by Facebook and Twitter. These t-shirts, in my view, are the underdogs of the geek t-shirt universe, since they don’t need much creativity and are usually slogans associated with their respective websites.