To prevent collisions, it is important to keep a close eye on the road when driving. Notably, the most disruptive thing on the road is often found to be the driver’s source of entertainment, the car audio device. Fiddling with CDs can be risky because it causes you to take your eyes off the road for longer than the recommended 10 seconds. Here are a few alternatives to using a car audio device without the risks…Learn more by visiting Forklift Train the Trainer in Newark

(1) As the Mp3 player has increased in popularity, most music fans have replaced their old car audio systems with car Mp3 CD players. What is the explanation for this? It not only gives you more control over your music and a wider variety of choices, but it also makes driving safer because there are no CDs to alter (which may in fact be distracting). Overall, a car MP3 player is a better device choice.

(2) Recently, Sat-Nav has been integrated into car audio systems, allowing you to buy a Sat-Nav and an audio player in one package! Sat-Nav can be highly helpful because it clearly tells you where to go and, in some situations, the best ways, allowing you to focus solely on driving rather than directions. Many in-car multimedia Sat-Navs also use voice activation to reduce the possibility of being distracted while driving.

(3) Dual Zone technology is another technology that aids in road safety. If the kids in the back are always arguing or moaning about your music collection, this is the best technology to keep them quiet. For any driver, arguments and grievances can be distracting and irritating, which is why Dual Zone comes in handy. It allows the driver and front passenger to do whatever they want, such as listen to music, while the back passengers are amused (i.e. they can watch a film on attached screens). It helps each family member to get what they want in terms of entertainment, reducing the probability of in-car tantrums and, as a result, the likelihood of the driver being distracted by the baby.

(4) Other multimedia outlets, such as USBs and Micro SD/SD cards, can now be used by car multimedia systems in addition to the iPod and iPhone. Since you can only adjust the music on the stereo by flicking around on the touch screen or using voice activation, these two multimedia solutions can remove the need to fiddle with your external multimedia system.

(5) Bluetooth is number five on our chart. Instead of having to pull over and have a conversation, you can connect your phone and talk through the stereo. You can trigger a call by voice control on a few modern systems, allowing you to concentrate on the route. Bluetooth players, unlike handsfree, can be triggered by voice rather than touch, making them a much easier and safer choice. While Bluetooth can be irritating, it is important and can be made more so by using voice activation technologies.