When a bedbug infestation is discovered, a homeowner can take action as soon as possible. People’s blood, as well as that of other warm-blooded animals, is fed to these parasitic pests. Some people say bedbugs are difficult to detect because they are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Adults may be as long as 5 mm and as wide as 2 mm, so this is clearly untrue. The nymphs, or newly hatched young, are transparent and difficult to see. These creatures are often misidentified as carpet beetles or other small bugs, and they can go unnoticed for a long time.Find additional information at All Pest Exterminating.

Bedbugs are not entirely nocturnal, but they prefer to prey on humans at night because it is the most convenient time for them to do so. The red, swollen, itchy patches that appear on a person’s body in the morning can be mistaken for mosquito bites or spider bites, making the early stages of a bedbug infestation difficult to detect. Although the bites of these insects can be painful, they are usually not dangerous. Spending the night with bloodsucking bugs is, of course, not a fun experience. Exterminating bedbugs can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Chemicals can be used by bedbug exterminators to eliminate these pesky little pests. If chemicals are used, the homeowner must ensure that children and pets are kept out of the treated area for the appropriate amount of time. Any furniture or materials taken out of the room where the treatment is taking place should be properly sealed to prevent bedbugs from taking a free ride into another room. An professional exterminator would also advise that clothes and linens be washed and dried at a very high temperature for at least 10 minutes.

A vacuum may also be used by an exterminator to remove eggs and larva. Since these bugs are not very tolerant of extreme temperatures, a pest-control specialist can advise leaving furniture outside for a few days, if possible, to help destroy any remaining insects. Some exterminators have taken advantage of the fact that these bugs cannot withstand extreme temperatures and have started to use heaters to increase the temperature in a room above the level at which the bugs will survive. The exact treatment choice will be determined by the exterminator’s experience as well as the circumstances of each particular homeowner.