SquidPoxy is an innovator in the epoxy industry. They have taken epoxy a step further with their epoxy paint system. SquidPoxy has taken epoxy a whole new direction with their epoxy stain system called SquidResin. SquidPoxy strives to provide the absolute best in every area of epoxy. Epoxy refinishing systems have always been around but many manufacturers have tried their hand at creating high quality refinished epoxy and SquidPoxy has risen above the rest with their epoxy resin system. Have a peek at this site SquidPoxy

A little background on epoxy. Epoxy, which comes from the Latin term “epide” means “a hardener or cement.” This hardening agent has been around since the 1950s as a way to put tough stains and crevices in place without having to spend a tremendous amount of time on labor. This made epoxy an ideal choice for garage flooring, factory floors, shipyards, chemical laboratories, and even for automobile bodies. But as technology advanced, epoxy was relegated to being a good concrete sealer and paint thinner instead of a true paint.

The epoxy resin system offered by SquidPoxy provides true paint protection and can be used on any surface. Epoxy resins are composed of thousands of tiny balls that have large round holes in the middle of them. The inside of the balls contains a special dye that reacts with the oxygen in the air to create the color pigment in the epoxy resin. These tiny colored balls when applied to the surface of any surface forms a nearly permanent visual barrier that resists stains and helps protect the surface it is applied to. Simply apply a very thin layer of epoxy resin and immediately see results with less maintenance and the ability to touch up damaged areas if needed.