Wedding photography is basically a specialization in professional photography, which mainly focuses on the photography of various activities and events related to weddings and anniversaries. It can also comprise other kinds of professional photography, especially of the bride and groom before the big wedding day, including a pre-wedding photo shoot. The main objective of a wedding photographer is to capture images that are remarkable and that will last for years. As such, these photographers will be required to have vast experience in their respective fields, mostly focusing in some form of wedding photography. Visit us on Liam Smith Photography.

In addition, a wedding photographer also takes photographs at the actual reception following the wedding ceremony. This is so important since the photographs taken at the reception will serve as mementos for the happy couple. At the reception, the newly married couple will have an opportunity to meet their guests, shake hands with them and exchange greetings. The pictures taken in this session will be worth keeping, as they will remind the future husband and wife of all the special moments that took place during the reception and the wedding ceremony. It is important to remember that each guest at the reception will need to have a picture taken with the bride and groom.

Wedding photographers use different methods of photography, such as stills, video photography and portrait photography. Stills are those photos that do not include any sound, unlike video shots that contain moving images. Portrait photography involves shots of the bride and groom while still wearing their wedding gowns. Stills are great when the guests at the reception want to take photos with the couple, but cannot do so because of time constraints.