An estate planning attorney is an attorney who assists people or families with estate planning matters including long term care, estate taxes, insurance, and welfare and death benefit planning. These professionals are often called estate planners because they organize and execute the affairs of people who pass away. When people die, their assets and wealth are typically transferred to their legal heirs in probate court. An estate plan provides these heirs with guidance on how to handle their inherit property and funds upon their death.You may find more information at Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorney.

While many people assume that estate planning attorneys only deal with dying property and money, they do serve a very important purpose in the probate process. Probate involves lengthy and complicated procedures that sometimes seem like they’re designed to keep the powerful and wealthy from serving their own interests. As part of the probate process, a person’s belongings are being inventoried, assets are evaluated, and debts are paid off. For some, this seems like a slow and painful death. For others, it’s a chance to bequeath their property to their loved ones without having to worry about the financial burdens of such a large estate.

Because an estate planning attorney can help you manage your assets and pay off debts, he/she may also be called upon to become a mediator between a family member or relative who is suffering from incapacitation. A person suffering from incapacitation may become overwhelmed with debt or unable to make routine home or auto repairs. He/She may become confused and unable to work productively. In either situation, if the individual does not have access to his/her cash, house, vehicle and other assets, he could become incapacitated. If an estate plan is in place, the attorney may act as a neutral third party mediator to assist the relative or beneficiary in coming up with an acceptable repayment plan to take care of the debts. An estate planning attorney can help you prevent this from happening by working on the distribution of your assets, keeping you and your loved ones as comfortable as possible during this difficult time.

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