An assisted living facility or assisted living apartment is a residential living facility for individuals with physical disabilities or even for senior citizens who opt not to or cannot live alone. The assisted living facility offers individual and supervised care by trained and experienced professionals in the field of geriatric care. These homes offer the same level of care as in a nursing home, but at a fraction of the cost and with a higher quality of life. Residents of these facilities can stay in their own homes full-time while receiving the highest quality of care. Some assisted living apartments also offer adult day care services and provide transportation to those in the area who may need transportation.Check out Silvergate San Marcos-Assisted Living for more info.

Because an assisted living facility provides a much more complete care experience than a nursing home, many senior living homes across the country are converting to these innovative models. Nursing homes typically only offer certain standard services to seniors; seniors who require more specialized services are often forced to move out of the home when they require more specialized care. This can cause a significant loss of income for the family. With an assisted living apartment, the senior living resident has the ability to maintain his or her standard of living and gain access to the various medical assistance that may be needed.

The assisted living costs of these new communities are significantly less than the costs of nursing home care. One of the greatest attractions of these communities is that there are fewer guests, which makes it more private and peaceful for the residents. These communities are usually located within close proximity to a variety of activities and shopping malls, which allows the residents to have access to local stores, restaurants and other local businesses on a daily basis. Assisted living apartments can also provide a higher quality of life for a recently returned senior, offering activities and recreational opportunities that would not otherwise be available to the senior in a nursing home. Many of these senior communities offer amenities such as fitness and exercise rooms, spas, pools and full-time maid services.