Modern burial services are not replaced by cremation services. Before the body is cremated, a traditional viewing may be scheduled. Other families would rather not use a casket. The urn could be the focal point of a memorial, surrounded by portraits, flowers, and mementos. Some families prefer a gathering rather than a casket or urn to commemorate a life well lived. Visit us on Green Cremation Texas.

In recent years, cremation has become more common. This approach is preferred or needed by many religious traditions. Some people are uncomfortable with the thought of their bodies decomposing over time. For some, it’s a concern about the climate. In certain nations, there isn’t enough space for traditional burials. Often family members just want to keep their loved ones’ remains with them.

It’s also a very cost-effective choice. A casket may be rented if a viewing is needed. The cost of burying an urn is less than that of burying a body in a casket. There are no funeral expenses if the family wishes to retain the urn.

Cremated remains may be interred in a cemetery’s cremation niche or garden, creating a monument for future generations to see. Ashes can be separated into small quantities and held or scattered as desired by many loved ones. Some people hold the urn on a desk or a mantel, while others scatter the ashes on the farm, maybe in a garden or under a favourite tree or rosebush.

Both national forests in the United States provide for the scattering of ashes. You must be 3 miles out in the ocean to get an ocean scattering. Funeral parties would be transported by boat or plane to scatter ashes at a favourite location.

Such uncommon options include getting a diamond made from a loved one’s ashes or sending a small amount of ashes on a memorial space flight. Ashes can be blended into paint for a one-of-a-kind painting, or they can be applied to an existing one. Cremation jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and rings, may be worn to keep a loved one’s ashes close at hand. Personalized urns are made in the person’s likeness.