The star and detective in the old Dragnet series was known for his catchphrase, “only the truth, ma’am.” Unfortunately, juror assumptions can often cloud the reality of a personal injury case. Your car accident lawyer is mindful of this and will take action to ensure that the specifics of your injury accident are not overlooked. explained in the post

Perceptions of Jurors

The fact that jurors can be swayed by factors other than the facts in a personal injury case does not come as a surprise. The human aspect in court cases is that people’s reasoning can be very subjective. Your car accident lawyer will also need to determine how jurors might be viewing factors in your case subjectively and remind them of the true facts.

Specific Factors That Can Affect Jury Perception

When collision harm is minor, the defendant is likeable, and you, the complainant, appear to leave an unfavourable impression, whether by appearance or temperament, there are many variables that may impact how jurors perceive proof.

Harm caused by a collision.

An automobile’s physical damage does not have to be significant for the victim to be injured. However, if your car only received minor damage, jurors are more likely to believe you were not as seriously injured as you say. Both photos of the crash scene, as well as copies of the medical history, should be collected by your car accident solicitor. Photographs are relevant since another vehicle involved in the accident could have caused more injury, substantiating your argument that you were injured more than minorly. Medical records, on the other hand, represent unbiased facts about your injuries from a third-party source.