The Chicken Salad and Sandwich Shop are located in the center of Nottingham – a city that is a culinary destination for many visitors, both old and new. The restaurant was founded by Mike Wilkins more than 20 years ago, while he was working at the nearby Carlsberg hotel. A combination of different styles of cuisine were combined in this innovative eatery, and customers were treated to a new twist on the classic lunch. For chicken salad and sandwiches, Nottingham is synonymous with classic taste and values, and this particular establishment is one you should not miss if you happen to be in the area. Salad Shop has some nice tips on this.

The menu at the chicken salad and sandwich shop includes salads, fries, a variety of sandwiches, and even some kid’s meals. There are different rooms available to choose from when dining, and some establishments also serve alcohol and mixed drinks. When you are ready to order, a variety of items are available on the menu that can satisfy any kind of pallet. Of course, drinks and food are not the only reasons to frequent this particular establishment.

You will truly enjoy the taste of the different chicken salad dishes that are offered. Your eyes will quickly grow wide as you learn more about this unique food preparation option. With a large number of sandwiches and chicken salad dishes, you will need to order a number of different ones to keep track of all your friends’ orders. If you have a party, you should consider inviting your friends over to help you enjoy a meal at this restaurant. The employees that work there are friendly and informative, and they will make sure your experience there is a pleasant one. If you are looking for a place to grab a meal, chicken salad and sandwich are a great choice.