A migration agent is a professional immigration advisor who assists foreign nationals migrate to another country to seek employment and settle permanently in that country. Migrants are generally required to pay certain fees to a migration agent, which can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the location and services provided. The fees charged by migration agents are typically computed on a per month basis, monthly or yearly, with some companies require a deposit of a pre-determined amount in case of any delays in processing. Some migration agencies even provide services outside of the country. These types of migration agencies often require proof of citizenship from all applicants and are very strict when it comes to screening. check it out

A registered migration agent is one who has been granted an authorization by the Secretary of State to operate a business in that state and has met other state and federal registration requirements. To be eligible to become a registered migration agent, one must undergo an interview and a background check. The applicant must also pass the necessary vaccinations and background examinations, providing proof of citizenship if needed. To ensure that the agency will be able to serve its clientele effectively, registered agents must also have a satisfactory experience with their client. To qualify, the applicant must also be eighteen years of age or older, not a minor under the legal age requirement of eighteen in each state in the country.

Migration agents help individuals with their visa application to successfully complete their migration plans and obtain an visa. The higher the success rate of the visa application, the higher the potential for future employment. Each visa application is unique and requires a unique investigation before it is approved. For this reason, experienced migration agents with extensive experience are very beneficial in assisting their clients with visa application.