A medical marijuana recommendation is simply a written document received from your doctor that states, in his or her professional medical opinion, that the patient has a certain qualifying condition and would therefore benefit from medical marijuana use. Patients then use this recommendation as a formality to apply for the government’s medical marijuana registry, to get a medical marijuana card, or to learn more about which specific strains of marijuana are available for them to use. These recommendations can also be handy when applying to state or local agencies who are reviewing your medical history or application for a license to use medical marijuana. In many cases, recommendations are not even required if you are completing an informal application for a registration card, but it may make things easier for the reviewing agents.Learn more by visiting Ohio Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations

To obtain a medical marijuana recommendation, it is best to consult with one of two doctors who are known to you. Your primary physician will know your medical history and should be able to provide you with a recommendation. Your second doctor, who is not your primary care physician, should be able to refer you to a specialist such as a psychiatrist or an allergist who will be able to provide the doctor with additional information. In many cases, your primary care physician will not be able to provide the recommended resource because he or she may not be aware of specific issues or ailments that might prevent him or her from prescribing the recommended drug. In this case, seeking the help of another doctor who is familiar with your condition may be the best option.

A patient must fill out an application that will require a self-administered, written referral from the doctor in order to get a legitimate medical marijuana recommendation. This form can also be filed with the State Health Department and must contain information on the medical marijuana use history of the patient as well as the reasons for the recommendation. The State Department will run the required background checks after the application is filed and review the file to ensure that the file is accurate and that no errors have been made. The state department would ask the doctor to re-submit the file and provide new, revised information if the file is found to be incomplete or if the reasons for the recommendation are invalid. The procedure may take up to 45 days from the time the file is received by the doctor before the new file is accepted.