Exterior wall insulation is likely to be more cost-effective if re-rendering work is already needed for your exterior walls. Visit us on Depend Exteriors. You may want to consider investing in external insulation for the rear of your property if you reside in an older property with an attractive facade that would not be suitable for exterior wall insulation. However, before this work is carried out, you may require planning authorization, especially if your property is listed. You must ensure that the work complies with the current Building Regulations if you choose to insulate a solid wall. The thermal performance of your insulated wall is the principal condition to adhere to. The wall must have a U-value of not more than 0.30 W/m2K if you reside in England or Wales. The U-value is a measure of the speed at which your wall can pass through the heat. The lower the U-value, the cheaper it will probably be for your heating bills.Some of the most functional areas of any industrial or commercial installation are exterior decks, patios, garages and walkways. They are also the most heavily trafficked areas of the facility and the most exposed. In these areas, pedestrian traffic, as well as machine traffic, continually occurs. Whatever the weather conditions may be, these locations need to be operational and accessible, being the major conduits that connect every other location in the facility. It is no wonder, then, that these areas are more vulnerable than the rest of the facility to rapid degradation. In particular, exterior deck coatings are often the first to fall into disrepair because of different sources of damage. That is why, for the maintenance of exterior deck coatings, facility managers often set aside significant time and money. Exterior deck coating maintenance may involve surface resealing or a complete overhaul and replacement of the entire coating system in order to prolong its useful life.